Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Trump Supporters Endorse Invisible Fence

Donald Trump is a "Roomba" 
smearing dog poo all over the Republican living room. It will never come out, and you will never forget it.

Here we see a real "focus group" of Trump supporters presented with incredible policy proposals. The Invisible Fence bit starts at 4:30, but the whole thing is pretty amazing.  Be sure to watch the spot ads these focus group folks do at the end! Remember these when Trump rolls out  his real ads this Friday; these are the people he is appealing to.

As for the pro-Trump, anti-Hillary, and pro-Bernie trolls that are sure to show up.:  Please go away.

If you support hate, racism, fear-mongering, and sexism, or are confused about what Trump is offering the American people, your life is already a failure and no one wants your hear your babble.

Move along.

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Susan said...

Funny, but not...if you get my point.