Friday, August 19, 2016

Do Something Fun With Your Dog

Do something fun with your dog this weekend. Get outside. Get off the sidewalk.

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Viatecio said...

We have rain and storms. No going outside for the time being.

So of course I have the bar jump set on the floor of the spare bedroom to continue with jumping basics and etiquette over the jump (e.g. go over it and come back over it; NO GOING AROUND). No height to it right now--just the bar on the floor.

No bar jump, you say? A length of 1/2" PVC and some black electrical tape is much cheaper than those "ready-made" jump sticks. Add in some T-connectors and elbow joints and you are GOOD TO GO. Instructions abound online. Grab a bag of treats and start luring/tossing!

Need to make it a high jump? Drape a white sheet over it once the bar is attached to the posts. Just be sure that you have supportive footing and enough room to safely work given your dog's size, jumping form and purpose (e.g. obedience vs agility).

Neither space nor desire for jumping? Don't want to get up off the couch? Work on grooming out those knots that build up in between shave-downs (or stripping out any undercoat that would hold in heat during the summer) and calm handling of feet, ears, mouth, body, tail and a basic at-home visual/physical exam.