Monday, July 11, 2016

The Mechanics of Two Dogs on One Folding Bike

With the truck out of commission, I turned to the bicycle. My goal here is two terriers on a folding bike. The other terrier will go in a similar basket on a rack on the front. All I need to do is figure out how to quick-fix the crates to the racks.  These bungee cords almost do the trick, but a little more security is needed.  It looks like almost everyone is using zip ties, which are very cheap.  I will probably do the same, but clearly there is space here for an invention that would cleat the box to the rack with a simple screw or cam attachment usable on any rack. One option, apparently, is the use of bendable, and reusable Gear Ties

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Brady said...

You could use one of these on the front:

My dog is about the same size as Moxie and will happily ride 50 + miles in it. I also sometimes use it in a rear basket that is zip tied to the rack, depending on my setup.