Thursday, July 28, 2016

Killing for Color

Yellow Labs matter?

This was not always true. The yellows were once killed for being the wrong color.

As I wrote back in 2010 for a British dog magazine:

In the world of dogs, The Kennel Club and the AKC still hold "breed purity" as the be-all and end-all of their existence.

Here coat color and texture still matter more than physical health or performance in the field.

If some of the puppies in your litter are not quite up to show quality, sterilization is the answer. A "spay-neuter contract” is the term of art in the Kennel Club.

Change "the standard" of some breeds to get rid of dapple or merle coats associated with congenital deafness?


Outcross to improve health?


Coat color matters. Breed purity matters. Sterilization and euthanasia are the solution.

Is it an accident that the AKC and the Nazis have the same game plan, right down to a demand for race purity, a celebration for forced sterilization of all that are not pure, and a ready willingness to turn to gas chambers? Not at all. Want to read more?  See these links:

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