Monday, July 04, 2016

Digging on the Dogs

It's been five months since I took the dogs hunting, four months of which has been down time while Moxie recovered from knee surgery. I wanted this first hunt back to be short and successful, and it was.

I took Moxie and Misto to a little honey hole of a hedge that I have purposely not hunted for the last five years since I, rather stupidly, bled it white. Now, I was hoping that, after a long rest, it would be back in full bloom. It was.

Before the truck had even stopped rolling I spotted five groundhogs on the edge of the field. I left the dogs in the truck while I took a few pictures with the the new Nikon and its 60X lens. I got three groundhogs in one picture, and then suited up with the dogs and gear.

The dogs entered a hole
less than 100 feet from the truck, and there were three inside. This was a shallow dig and we let two of the groundhogs go. I have lived, and I have learned. Game that is released can be hunted again another day. 

I am no longer interested in putting up a big bag, and today's mission was accomplished in less than 25 minutes. After filling in the hole, I scouted a few new and old places in the area, happy that the dogs are back in action. Slowly, slowly we will strengthen muscle.  The code still explodes.


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