Sunday, June 05, 2016

Hen of the Woods Mushrooms

I found a nice cluster of Hen of the Woods mushrooms while out with the dogs today. That's poison ivy all around.  No problem there; I'm wearing shorts!

If you dig on the dogs in Maryland and Virginia, you can't worry too much about poison ivy, it's everywhere.

Hen of the Woods mushrooms are very edible, but I am not a big consumer of mushrooms, and so I left them as they were, marking the location in my mind and the timing on this blog. Mushrooms tend to come back again and again in the same location, for years on end.


Eaton Rapids Joe said...

Many cameras, certainly the default ones on smart phones, automatically include the GPS coordinates in the EXIF data. A readable explanation regarding accessing that data can be found here ==>

Photos posted through "blogger" appear to be scrubbed of the EXIF data but I do not know what information the host company retains out-of-public sight. This might not be a big deal when posting pictures of hen-of-the-woods or morel mushrooms but it might subject the host site to subpoenas if your photo documentary records events that might be felonies.

Those pictures might be of personal watercraft operating in shallow water, close to wild ducks (nesting, migratory waterfowl). The pictures might be taken in sensitive areas where trespassing is strictly forbidden. They might be of an old truck leaking oil at a boat launch. They might be of a nice patch of "magic" mushrooms being harvested.

The best answer, of course, is to not do any of those things. Regardless, save yourself some grief. Be smart. Don't post pictures of events that might be misconstrued as illegal activities.

---end of Right Wing Conspiracy rant from Terrierman's token Conservative---

PBurns said...

Yes. A good reminder. The geo-coordinates on the Nikon can be turned off, and I believe I did that when going through the set up. Never understood the need for those, except to spy.That said, I do not poach, and have a license to hunt, to trap, and to run a mounted hunt and foot pack. Groundhogs are not even considered a fur-bearing species in my states-- just an agricultural pest.