Friday, June 24, 2016

Fox Versus Peregrine: Red In Tooth and Claw

Over on Facebook, Alan Ward writes:

Thought I would go and see if the peregrines had fledged this evening, good news they had but bloody bad news came along as I was watching... follow the images and you will see what happened... the last image only shows 2 youngsters.. the third was on the feeding table with mum not far from where the vixen came in.. Mr peregrine came in and attacked the vixen on the head..( I missed the shot as it was so fast).. vixen disappeared behind the rocks and I am fairly sure she went with the youngster for dinner.. Just a shame but that's nature for you.. hopefully I will report back with seeing 3 x youngsters tomorrow..
I love to see the nexus of photography, conservation, and hunting.

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