Sunday, June 26, 2016

Fort Frederick at 260 Years

Fort Frederick was built out of stone between 1756 and 1757, and served as a base of operations for soldiers protecting English setters from French and Indian raids. The French had allied with the Indians to gain the new lands of America, and the Indians wanted their own lands back. Southern Indians made their way to the Fort in the spring of 1757, and 62 Cherokee agreed to teach American soldiers how to "fight after their manner" -- i.e. the basics of the guerilla warfare that later helped the Americans win the Revolutionary War.

The fort is shaped for maximum defense, with the four corners jutting out into arrowheads to provide a platform for shooters to defend against anyone attempting to scale the walls.

From 1786-1783, Fort Frederick was used as detention camp for British prisoners during the Revolutionary War, and from 1861-1862, it was occupied by Union Troops.

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