Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Food Bribery Works

The continuing racket known as the pharmaceutical industry has discovered that "click and treat" works to boost medically unnecessary sales of overpriced prescription drugs. As the good folks at STAT note:

Doctors who were fed meals costing less than $20 later prescribed certain brand-name pills more often than rival medicines, according to a new analysis of a federal database. And in most cases, costlier meals were associated with still higher prescribing rates for Medicare Part D drugs made by the same companies who provided the food.

As I have noted in the past, veterinarians
have been on the payola bandwagon for quite some time.

Bayer Veterinary made news a few years back by saying it was going to stop bribing vets, but Novartis, Pfizer, Summit, and Merial all say they will continue to pay kickbacks to veterinarians.

Want to know more?  Read yesterday;'s post: Is Your Veterinarian Clean? Don't Count On It.

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