Friday, June 03, 2016

Dog Trainers to Follow

There's a lot of nonsense
in the world of dog training. But why focus on that, when there are also so many competent people paying it forward and doing right for dogs? Three of those are pictured above. They are, from left to right: Tyler Muto, Blake Rodriguez, and Jeff Gellman. All have Facebook pages and web sites -- check them out.   
All three give away a lot of good tips, demonstrations and advice for free. Listen and learn: I do!  Do NOT send them your "Tinky Winky is biting..." questions.  They are PAID for their advice and expertise.  The proper response to what they give away for free to the world of people and dogs is THANK YOU.  Send applause, not questions, unless they instruct otherwise.

Tyler runs K9Connection Behavior Services in Buffalo, New York.  He's a stirling human being and an always-learning dog trainer. There's a little Shaolin monk in this one. Be like Tyler.

Blake runs Dream Come True K9 in New York City. He's funny and practical, and that's very high marks. I have posted a video or two from him in the past.

Jeff is Solid K9 Training in Providence, Rhode Island, but he is also all over the nation, and occasionally the world, doing dog training seminars. He's always learning, and always helping.  If Dale Carnegie and Horatio Alger had a child that grew up to be a dog trainer, he might be Jeff Gelman.

These three amigos have videos, pod casts, articles, Periscopes. They are very good at what they do and I read their feeds.

Time is high coin in this house. 

Another person who is fantastic, not only for experience but also because he absolutely will not salute bullshit, is Gary Wilkes at Click & Treat Training and Behavior Services in Phoenix. He posts every day, and there is never any varnish. Check him out!  So smart he scares the crap out of me. Check your unified field theories at the door -- experience just walked in.


Amy Nexus said...

Thanks for these great training references. I know about Solid. I'm close to RI, I've volunteered for and fostered dogs through non-profit rescue groups there and that guy is a stand out. Deserves the kudos for sure.

Susan said...

Thanks, I've heard of Tyler and Jeff, but Blake is new to me. I've learned a lot from Jeff's free videos. He's brilliant.