Sunday, May 15, 2016

Two In the Yard

Misto on the bench I repaired earlier this year, and Moxie exiting the stone dog house, which is finely being covered over by English Ivy.  It's only taken six years to get the stone dog house partially covered in Ivy.  This dog house is thick concrete and block, covered in stone, lined inside with foam insulation, and blanked with 15 inches of straw on the bottom.  It can easily fit three terriers. The dogs sleep inside crates in the laundry room at night, and also have heated and cooled dog dog houses inside the garage.  In the evenings they are generally found inside on the couch, watching the latest offering on television, or lounging inside the greenhouse or in my study.  Not too hard a life.

Below, is a picture of a fox taken on top of the same dog house.

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