Friday, May 27, 2016

Life With Dogs

Austin and Marley in Greenhouse

My son, sent me a picture with Marley, the Italian Greyhound, in the greenhouse with him. A note, attached to a video clip, expressed appreciation for the recent gift of an e-collar.  The collar, from E-collar Technologies, apparently solved a problem he was having with Lucy, the Pit Bull, when they went skateboarding together.

The e-collar is great! I have more confidence in myself when training Lucy with the collar. When I am long-boarding, she is generally off leash, and on the e-collar. As I was telling Mom, she is doing fine when she sees other dogs or people. 
Before using the e-collar, when she was only on a leash, Lucy would slow down and unintentionally jerk me off the board. Now she doesn't -- she stays right by my side, and knows not to tug or pull if a jogger, biker, or other dog goes by.  The communication and timing is so good with the e-collar, she is now mostly off-leash, and we are both happier and getting more exercise as a consequence. 


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