Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hillary Lectures the World About Dog Training

A photo-op dog. 

When Bill Clinton's life was going down in flames under the weight of the Monica Lewinsky fiasco, his handlers had an idea: Let's get him a dog to humanize him and take the focus off of the other.

It was decided that a small dog would look too froo-froo, a golden retriever too "blonde bomb," (uh-oh) and a black retriever too hard to photograph.

The compromise, decided by committee (I kid you not): a chocolate lab named "Buddy".

Buddy was a nice dog, but he did not get along with Socks the cat.

Instead of actually training the dog to leave cats alone, the Clinton's gave away Socks, who ended up living with Clinton's long-term secretary, Betty Currie, in a house only about a mile away from my own.

And what of Buddy?

Buddy was killed by a car on January 2, 2002, when he darted out the door "playfully chasing a contractor" who had just left the Clinton's home in Chappaqua, New York. The Clintons were not home at the time, and Secret Service agents attending to the house rushed Buddy to a local animal hospital where he was pronounced dead.

But wait; the story is not over.

In 2005, the Clinton's acquired another chocolate Lab whom they named Seamus.

Shame Us?

That's what Bill and Hillary Clinton named their new dog? Good lord!

Now Hillary Clinton has decided to make an unflattering comparison between child care workers and dog trainers.

No, I am not making that up either.


In the child-rearing department, the Clinton's "demo-dog" is Chelsea Clinton who has successfully joined the family grifting speech-giving business, first being paid over $600,000 a year for a no-show job at NBC television, then cranking out a too-long hectoring and lecturing book aimed at middle school students, before wedding a hedge fund manager whose father is a former member of Congress convicted of 31 charges of felony fraud, and who served five years in federal prison.

So yes, Hillary, please lecture us all about dog training, values, and pay-for-performance. As Ross Perot put it, "We're all ears."

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