Saturday, May 28, 2016

Every Living President Agrees

Every living American President agrees:  Donald J. Trump is a coward, a serial liar, a fraudster, and a danger to the people and economy of the United States.

No former President, from either party, supports his candidacy.

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jeffrey thurston said...

5 evil little men think Trump's bad- gee that's going to change MY mind! Carter- big fat neocon WARMONGER! Bush 1- big fat neocon WARMONGER! Clinton- big fat neocon WARMONGER! Bush 2- big fat neocon WARMONGER! and the worst for last- Obama- BIG FAT NEOCON WARMONGER! Of course they hate him- he's out of control of their Masters and they're good little dogs. Trump says he could get along with Putin- a mortal sin to the elite that rules us. Trump doesn't understand why we're sticking our collective dick in every shithole throughout the world- a horrible transgression to our bosses. And worst of all- Trump wants to put America First- totally anathema to the cosmopolitan Wall Street scheisters who run us... 5 evil little puppets don't like him- gee whiz!