Wednesday, April 20, 2016

You Look Forty Pounds Lighter, Honest!


Anonymous said...

If only breeders were breeding to that standard again.

Yvette Prior said...

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Hi Terrier Man,
I wanted to come and thank you so much for your blog.
This "40 pounds lighter" post seemed like the perfect place because this is actually what I mainly had on my mind... lost pounds.

Back in 2014, your blog helped me to see that our two dogs were a bit fat. I thought their weight was a larger breed factor, but we listened up - cut back on the treats -- became mindful of other things, and they trimmed right down within six months.

Anyhow, we lost one of our dogs this week, our beloved Cody who was almost 11. I was (and am) moving through parts of the grieving because it was unexpected and he was the healthier of the two dogs - guess I was expecting a few more years with him. But then I started realizing that maybe I had an extra year or two with him because we did reduce the fat. Even if it did not extend his life, I know it made his days more enjoyable because it is more enjoyable and just overall healthier to not have the extra weight. So thanks for that and thx for all the varied stuff that comes through the rich resource of your website/blog. woof woof.
Mrs. P

Amy Nexus said...

It's so sad and indicative of the current state of the purebred GSDs faddish, roach-backed conformation, that the first thing I thought looking at this graphic was "Holy Cow, a normal looking shepherd! must be from the 20s" Sure enough, cover is 1923. Yes, folks, German Shepherd Dogs used to move beautifully and were hearty, capable workers...once upon a time. Without the need to import from Germany and the Czech Republic, even.