Friday, April 15, 2016

The Last Scelidodon

What, you may ask, would a terrier with a dragon's heart actually hunt?

Why, no normal creature of course.

In fact, the quarry of the Scamander Terrier was the now extinct Scelidodon ground sloth.

The burrows of Scelidodons can be found in South America, where they have been bored out of sedimentary rock.

As you can tell, these are enormous pipes 2- to 12-feet wide, and worn smooth by decades of use.

The claw marks of their original inhabitants can still be seen in their sides.

Scelidodons stood as tall as 8 feet,with bodies 9-10 feet long.

Over 1,500 large Scelidodon burrows have been documented in South America.  Many of these dens are complex, with connections to other burrows and exit, as well as entrance, holes,.  Some dens appear to have been natal chamber with large spaces to turn around and nurse.

So what killed off the ground sloths?
Very strong evidence suggests they were hunted to extinction by prehistoric man.

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