Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Incredible Canine Walking Sticks

My own walking stick, of course, is very terrier-specific and shows a terrier's butt sticking out of a hole. The entire top piece is carved out of a single piece of stag antler.


CrlWln said...

Who makes those?

PBurns said...

These are all old "one offs," carved in ivory.These things are collected (not by me, but by others) and a good collection takes a lifetime and cash. Most of the museum-quality sticks, above, are old ivory (now illegal all over), but there are still folks who carve old ivory (i.e. mammoth tusk) as well as stag antler and walrus tusk. Use the Google and be prepared to spend cash, depending on the item. The stuff, shown above, is serious collectors stuff, and priced accordingly.

CrlWln said...

I had already started Googling and am content to admire such canes and sticks from afar. From the picture I thought they were wood. Silly me. I prefer my ivory still on the tusk, and attached.