Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Coffee and Provocation

The Bear from County Clare
The Irish have been in Ireland for a bit longer than most have thought. Recent carbon dating of bear bones from the Alice and Gwendoline Caves, near Ennis in County Clare, which have human tool scrapings on them, have verified human settlement in Ireland from between 12,800 and 12,600 year before the present era. Thanks Lucas M!

Excavation Finds Lawrence of Arabia's Bullets
Lawrence was telling the truth when he told the tale of the great train ambush in Saudi Arabia. I never doubted -- the man was tougher than a steel-belted radial. Thanks Lucas M!

The Countryside Gone to Hell?
Well yes, and that's true all over, from the UK to the US. Let us be clear that the core problem is the world is gut-shot with people. And do you want a song about it? Try this one by Show of Hands. Thanks Donald McC!

Glow in the Dark Japanese Pigs?
Radioactive wild boars are rampaging around the Fukushima nuclear site in Japan. The authorities have shot so many pigs, they have run out of places to bury them.  I suppose someone should tell them that they're an island, surrounded by sharks and deep watery trenches....

Glow in the Dark Ukrainian Pigs?
Thirty years after the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown, the eagles, wolves, deer, boar, otter, fox, stork, bison, and moose are back in droves because the humans are still gone.

The Secret Sauce to Kill Rats
Simon Fraser University scientists have developed a new way to exterminate brown rats by identifying and synthetically replicating the male rat's sex pheromone. The chemical is a powerful attractant for luring female brown rats into traps. Thanks Lucas M!

Wild Tiger Populations are Growing
Wild Tiger populations are growing for the first time in 100 years. They number nearly 4,000 in the wild now, and the goal is see that number can be doubled again in the next 6 years.

New Record for Largest Snake
Construction workers in Penang, Malaysia helped catch a 26-foot long reticulated python that weighed 550 pounds!

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