Monday, April 04, 2016

Coffee and Provocation

Trump Brand Heroin?
Yes, there is such a thing. Back when I was writing about street drug markets, I noted that here in Washington, D.C. they used to sell PCP that was labeled "Keys to St. E's" (named after the local mental hospital), and "Hinkley." 

Killing Pigeons

Tyrants always seem to end up killing pigeons. Stephen Bodio explains.

When Will ObamaCare Pay for my Latte?
All types of coffee lead to decreased risk of cancer.

Barnum Burned Three Times
PT Barnum had a series of museums that, in the era of wooden buildings, open-flame heat and oil lamps, and pipe and cigar smoking caught fire and burned to the ground.

Coffee Fraud is Probably Very Common
Take cheap Columbian coffee and relabel is as very expensive Jamaican Blue Mountain? Wine? Sure.  Olive oil?  Of course. But coffee?  That probably never happens ( ::whistle:: ) Now, however, that fraud it may get a little harder.

A Very Fat World
There are now more obese people in the world than hungry people.

Putting an End to the Overnight Upcharge?"Betsy’s Law" is a new New Jersey law that says veterinarians must disclose the absence of overnight supervision for hospitalized patients.  Guess what?   90 percent of veterinary clinics and hospitals don't provide 24-hour supervision -- hut every damn one of them wants to keep your dog "overnight -- just to be safe".

Not Yorick's Skull?
Archaeologists recently scanned Shakespeare's coffin and discovered his body has no skull. There's also no coffin -- the body is simply wrapped in cloth and buried inside a shallow grave less than 3 feet deep.

Not King Arthur's Grave?
King Arthur's grave was a hoax invented by cash-strapped 12th Century monks.  Shocked!

Safer on a Borrowed Bike?
Not a single person has died using bike share in the US. This study explores why - some of it has to do with slower, heavier bikes with better brakes.

Better Tech for Women (and men)
IUDs are 20 times more effective than the pill.

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Peter Apps said...

I always thought that tyrants hated pigeons because they shit on their statues.

In quite another direction, I wonder if those hyper-bred show pigeons are as unhealthy and useless as show dogs.