Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Trolls, Typists, and Time Wasters

People are thick as boards.

They will write pages of comments without offering so much as a single footnote to support their nonsense, and then they will sign it "Anonymous."

Do they expect this to get posted?

Nope. Not going to happen. This blog is not a monument to free speech. Try elsewhere if you are looking for that.

:: Delete ::

The animal rights loons sometimes find this blog and think it's a place to spread their vegan bunny-hugging spew.

God bless them. They can write whatever they want, but not here. I do not even read it past the first sentence.

:: Delete ::

Some folks simply want to argue. I can take a little of this, but time is valuable and after a point, I stop answering call-outs for mindless combat.

:: Delete ::

Here's a hint: Typing is not a substitute for research.

I warn people pretty straight up: Most anonymous comments without citations are going to be treated as graffiti.

If you will not sign what you write, you are probably writing something not worth signing.

If you are not willing to research and support your thesis, why should I (or anyone else) pay attention to it?

Time is valuable.

If folks want to write (or read) endless unsorted prattle, try any of the endless unmoderated "bulletin boards" or "My Space" pages that are out there and are eager for this kind of thing

This blog is not.

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