Monday, February 29, 2016

The Skinner Box Outdoors

This is a Dogtra collar used by Jamie Penrith, a balanced trainer in Devon, the U.K.  I'm putting this up because Americans think anything said with a British accent sounds very smart!

If you are looking for "scientific" dog training, this is what that looks like -- a BALANCE of instruction, rewards-consequences, attention-gettting taps, the rare aversive-consequence, and more rewards, instruction, and taps. Does it work?  Like new money.

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Basin Chukars said...

Thanks for linking this. A couple ""Force-free" videos of people trying e-collars on themselves and claiming extreme discomfort have been making the rounds lately. I've had to assume that either 1) those people had incredibly low pain thresholds (possible as an outlier, but highly unlikely with multiple people), or 2) they were acting the way they thought they should act, in pain, and counting that few enough people would have actually tried an e-collar that there wouldn't be many calling bs. I think e-collars are easily misused, and Penrith does caution that people shouldn't run out and buy them on a whim. But, so is penicillin easily misused.