Friday, March 04, 2016

Last Snow of the Year?

We had snow this morning, probably the last of the year.

Yesterday, we had 500 square feet of new stone kitchen floor delivered and stacked in the greenhouse.  Kitchen destruction starts in six days. The new kitchen will be open to the greenhouse, and the dogs should like it. Everything in the kitchen is getting packed in bins at the moment. Downstairs is going to be both a wreck and a warehouse for about three weeks. My wife's OCD is only in check because she wants a new kitchen. Me too. It's hard for me to open my wallet for much of anything, so you know the stove, refrigerator, cabinets, and counters all needed replacing.


Viatecio said...

A few years ago, my parents went through a total kitchen renovation as well. The process also included having almost the entire flooring on the first level replaced (it was old marble on cement block, all covered with plank). They lived upstairs at night and in the basement or outside during the day, but the outcome of a new kitchen was totally worth the hassle and having to store everything. This was during winter too, but that doesn't really tend to get them down anyway. Plus, Dad asked the contractor to help make a space in the garage for a new safe that he'd been lusting after for years--they were happy to oblige!

I hear you with the "opening the wallet" thing, but I do believe spending good money on quality products that will last a long time (and think of what this will do for the value of your house, too!) is worth the payout. Best of luck to both of you for keeping neuroses in check, and have fun watching the transformation.

compcat said...

Off topic, but London Fire Brigade de-terriered a fox hole today, and I thought of you (well, at least, your blog).