Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Coffee and Provocation

They Think They Found Banksy?
They did not find Banksy.  I leave them clues (*Hello??  I printed this on a COFFEE mug) and they still cannot cipher it.  Wankers. 

My Body is Not Adapted for This Modern Word
And neither is yours.

Ted Cruz Wants to Give Away Your Land
Of all the candidates, there is one that is even worse than Donald Trump: Ted Cruz.

Why the Long Face?
Horses can read the emotions that ripple across our faces

A Global Migration of Dragons?
Different populations of the Wandering Glider (Pantala flavescens) are so genetically similar that the dragonflies must be migrating great distances to interbreed with each other.

Killing Cancer

This is Your Baltimore Police Department
Former Baltimore officer Jeffrey G. Bolger, who cut a dog's throat while it was under control in an animal control pole manned by Animal Control, will get $45,000 in back pay.

This is Your West Virginia Police Department
West Virginia state trooper sociopathic moron Seth Cook says he is not afraid of dogs, but his "training" requires him to kill all dogs that approach him, even if they are chained and wagging their tails.

Donald Trump's House is as Gross as You Imagine
Actually, it's probably worse.

Yellow Jacket Killer Squad
Margie W. writes to tell me that Malcolm Margolin (best known now as the founder of Heyday Books and the magazine News from Native California used to get rid of ground-burrowing yellow jackets by warming a pint tin of honey in the sun, and at late dusk turning itupside down on the yellow jackets’ hole and quickly walking away. In the morning, skunks would have torn up the hole to get the honey and dug down to eat every single yellow jacket. Brilliant!  And Margie says she has tried it herself, and it works every time.

That's strong coffee!


Anonymous said...

..I used to use cat kibble,(put it out in the day) the yellow jackets took it down the hole, to the same results---though it did take two nights, once

jeffrey thurston said...

First- on the dog-killing cops- a perfect illustration of the institutional COWARDICE which has become the practice of American law enforcement. The blue-clad hide of the cop has become The Most Precious Thing on Earth. To boot they mistake firepower for courage- the NFL player beating up the third-grader. As far as Trump- he's just like Richie Rich- his digs literally look it- but this even more brings out the stark relief between him and all the others! Why the hate? All our politicians probably believe they deserve his baroque lifestyle and those they work for all have it. Trump is hated because he really is a nationalist- not bought by our cosmopolitan Wall Street masters...

Lucas Machias said...

Why Cruz is more dangerous than Trump

terriergal said...

"your land" I think you don't understand what that means.

Public land is not "my land" or "your land" it is the Fed's land and it should be returned to the states, and then you can lobby your state to keep it public or sell it off (which they do already, for STATE land now and then). If you think federal lands are 'yours' then try driving on a WPA with your vehicle sometime and see what happens. There is no reason the federal government should be owning any land at all. That is why we have federalism/states' rights.

try watching this presentation. I know this guy, I grew up with his daughter, and he testified before Congress regarding these land grabs by the government.

PBurns said...

"Returned to the states"?? You need to know the history here; this land was never owned by the state's. Never. It was mostly BOUGHT by the federal government and ALL of it was acquired (by purchase or by federal troops fighting the natives) prior to a states existence. Federal land was bought or don from tax dollars from easterners (as no one was paying taxes in the West. To read more, see >> Real history here, not right wing screed written by someone without a name or portfolio.