Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Coffee and Provocation

How Do You Order a Frappucino in Italian?
Starbucks, which has 23,000 stores worldwide, is set to open it first stores in Italy in 2017. 

Organized Crime in the Puppy Smuggling Business?
Is organized crime really in the puppy-smugling business, or is this just another bit of contrived controversy ginned up by an RSPCA that is floundering without direction or issues ?

Why Did the Spaghetti Just Chirp? 
A French pasta-maker is doing a land-office business selling pasta made from ground up insects.

Political Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Donald Trump has to be stopped, according to the GOP Senate leadership, and yet he is now the "inevitable" GOP nominee.  Does this mean the GOP leadership is now going to greenlight Obama's Supreme Court nominee? Or do they want to lose the Senate for being seen as obstructionist?

Undoing the Bush Years, Part I
U.S. home prices have just now returned to their 2005 peak.

Japan's Population Decline Speeds Up
Japan’s population decreased by nearly 1 million people over the past five years. In short, in an overcrowded island, dependent on imports and facing a world dominated by automated means of production, people are making rational choices.

Was Antonin Scalia a Kickback Pocketer?
Apparently Scalia took dozens of trips funded by private sponsors.  To be precise, in addition to the 258 subsidized trips that he took from 2004 to 2014, Scalia went on at least 23 privately funded trips in 2014 alone to places like Hawaii, Ireland and Switzerland, giving speeches, participating in moot court events, and  teaching classes.  At what point is this a kickback?  At what point are trips at taxpayer expense a grift?

It's All in the Training

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PipedreamFarm said...

The GOP doesn't want to even interview a Supreme Court Nominee from the current President because they are hoping the next President will be one of their own. Trump is one of their own; or even controllable by the GOP establishment?????