Friday, February 12, 2016

The American People Have Their Land Back

Things are happening as they should be.

Ammon Bundy and most of his terrorist band of militia redneck idiots are in jail, including his brother Ryan Bundy, and they are not getting out soon.

Cliven Bundy, the insane Nevada rancher
 who is the father Ammon and Ryan Bundy, was arrested late Wednesday night while traveling to the Oregon wildlife refuge that was then still occupied by four militia members. He is being charged with six federal felonies, including conspiracy, use of a deadly weapon, obstruction of justice, and extortion.

A third Cliven Bundy son is behind bars for skipping court dates on burglary and weapons conviction charges.

The last four holdouts at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge gave up and are in handcuffs behind bars No one was injured, and no shots were fired.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said in a statement that they are "relieved" the occupation at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon ended on Thursday after the four remaining members of the militia turned themselves in to federal authorities.


JoeMama said...

Imagine my surprise when the text talked about whackadoodles in Oregon instead of a 69 year old woman hoping to live in a building on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Still, it could have gone either way.

jeffrey thurston said...

Sadly this is just the beginning of a fight to privatize our American public land- figurehead "cowboys" like the Malheur Morons are doing the legwork for other more evil cosmopolitan interests. The Bundy Boobs are really just reconverted Hippies- they want Free Stuff from the government- they want to Get Over on us taxpayers by squatting on what we all own. Squatters, non-taxpayers, and apparently pot smoking freaks- sound familiar? I'm amazed that these people call themselves right wing- they are actually anarchists! I am old and have a job and a mortgage but in my Walter Mitty moments I wish I could run a true right wing nationalistic government - isolationist, America First and with camps full of troublemakers- working and crying their lives away...