Saturday, February 13, 2016

Labradoodles Need Training and Coat Maintenace

A tremendous number of folks get Labradoodles
without understanding that these are pretty big dogs that will need real training and coat care over a lifetime.

If the coat is not combed regularly, then groomer is going to have to cut the entire mat off the dog, leaving it bald and not nearly as attractive.  Coat care on a big shaggy dog is a real responsibility and it takes strong hands and patience. 

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Cassandra Was Right said...

I once got an Old English Sheepdog from the dog pound in Paris. First order of business was to strip that stinking bathmat off his whole body, then trim - very carefully, with fingernail scissors - the stinking blocks between his pads. After that I kept his whole body at about two - three inches, leaving him just longer feathers on his lower legs like a Clydesdale, and a bit of facial whiskers. His coat waved beautifully and he looked truly unique: people would stop us on the street all the time to ask what he was, and couldn't believe the answer.