Thursday, February 04, 2016

How Much to Park Your Dog?

Dog Parker is a new start-up business with 5 locations in Brooklyn, New York.

It's basically a lock box that sits outside shops with a security card which unlocks the box and charges you for time. There's a padded floor inside, and the box is (supposedly) temperature controlled.The charge is 20¢ a minute, plus a $25 annual fee. For the math-challenged, that's $6 for a half hour. Members can use a box for a maximum of 3 hours every 12 hour period. If the temperature gets below 32°F or above 85ºF, the Dog Parkers are (supposedly) closed until the weather improves.

The whole idea seems to me to be a disaster on stilts waiting to happen.  Thoughts?  Yes, I do know a similar scheme is being tried somewhere in Sweden, as I recall.

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Viatecio said...

I can see those things being destroyed by dogs that never learned proper crate manners, not to mention complaints from others about the constant barking or barrier aggression while the owner is gone. There will also have to be workers to clean up the urine and feces from the dogs that can't resist marking or finger-painting, since it's beneath most owners to do that job. That'll get old FAST.

But the truth is that you're missing the point; the US will never adopt these because everyone CAN carry their dog with them everywhere since "emotional support animal"! Why should I leave Poopsie at home or in a hotbox when I'm entitled to take her everywhere with me? Look, she even has her cute wittle vest, ID tag AND picture on a website that says she's a "registered service dog". Isn't her toothy smile so KYOOT?!


Would you consider this an improvement, though, over the idea of having a dog "parking bay" in which the dogs are simply tied - ? (Sorry for the Daily Fail link, I just needed a picture and it came up!)