Monday, January 04, 2016

Has the GOP Become the Party of Cowards?

The Republican Party is fast becoming the party of cowards.

Only cowards can be so easily ginned up by fear, and its brother hate.

Was the GOP always a party of cowards? It was not.  But that's what it is fast becoming today; a party of little people with little lives wrapped and warped by fear. A large number of those on the far right fringe fit the same description given to the leaders of ISIS: people who have never held a job, a girl, or a position of trust.

The latest manifestation of the party of fear is that some gun-fondling secessionist idiots from Arizona have decided to take over a closed-for-winter wildlife refuge in Burns, Oregon. Their demands are vague and incoherent. Their leader is not from Oregon, and what seems to have triggered their act of irrational cowardice and grandstanding is the fact that two men were caught setting fire to the reserve -- twice, once knowingly endangering the lives of fire fighters camped nearby and above the fire.  These arsonists had previously taken pot shots at hunters on the reserve, and had been arrested (but not prosecuted) for obstructing the construction of a fence being built to keep their cattle out of the reserve. The arsonists admitted to setting the fires without permission on land that was not theirs, and without any precautions taken to prevent the fire from burning out of control.

The convicted arsonists are local ranchers and have asked the assholes from Arizona to go away, as they hope to eventually get out of jail for good behavior, and to rejoin their community.  Both options appear less and less likely the longer these out-of-state, wacko, tax-dodging, gun-fondling secessionists act out.

And what is the place these sissy lunatics have decided to occupy? It is a remote wildlife refuge first created by Teddy Roosevelt. As Portland, Oregon Audubon notes:

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1908 by President Theodore Roosevelt to protect the vast populations of waterbirds that were being decimated by wanton killing by the plume trade. The 188,000 acre refuge represents some of the most important bird habitat on the Pacific Flyway. It is one of the crown jewels of the National Wildlife Refuge System and belongs to all Americans. In 2013, the Refuge adopted a long-term management plan developed through an inclusive collaborative process that brought together the local community, tribes, conservation groups, state and federal agencies, and other stakeholders. These stakeholders have continued to work together to implement this strategy which includes one of the biggest wetland restoration efforts ever undertaken.

The occupation of Malheur by armed, out of state militia groups puts one of America’s most important wildlife refuges at risk. It violates the most basic principles of the Public Trust Doctrine and holds hostage public lands and public resources to serve the very narrow political agenda of the occupiers. The occupiers have used the flimsiest of pretexts to justify their actions—the conviction of two local ranchers in a case involving arson and poaching on public lands. Notably, neither the local community or the individuals convicted have requested or endorsed the occupation or the assistance of militia groups.

Portland Audubon fought 100 years ago to protect this incredible place. The powerful images taken by Portland Audubon founder, William Finley, of Malheur’s incredible bird populations and the wanton killing that was being inflicted upon them, caused President Roosevelt to make Malheur one of the first wildlife refuges in the Western United States. Portland Audubon calls upon the local, state and federal authorities to once again protect this incredible place for the amazing wildlife that live there and to preserve this natural heritage for current and future generations. Portland Audubon greatly appreciates the outstanding federal employees that staff the refuge, as well as members of the local community who have rejected this occupation. We hope for a safe, expeditious end to this armed occupation so that the myriad of local and non-local stakeholders can continue to work together to restore Malheur in ways that are supportive of both the local ecology and the local economy—the occupiers are serving nobody’s interests except their own.

When will the sane Republicans take back their party?

It's a good question, and strikes to the very root of whether the GOP will remain a party of lunatics and cowards or whether it will return to rational roots.

Terrorists have taken over a wildlife refuge and the Presidential candidates say what? The National Rifle Association says what?

A reminder: last time this happened, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Donald Trump heaped wood on the fire. Are they ready to do that again and bear the cost of life and property that may follow?

As for the ranchers who set the fires on the Wildlife Reserve and who decided to shoot at hunters on the reserve, the federal government has decided not to renew their grazing permits because of the criminal convictions and their past actions.

Yes, that's right: these Bozos were making private profit off of public land, and not only did they burn the hand that fed them, they shot at it as well.

And this is who the GOP candidates are going to support?  Let's wait and see. It won't take long to find out. There is some hope some may stand up and say the right thing. A small hope, but there were sane leaders once in the GOP. Can they all have rolled over and retired?


Donald McCaig said...

Dear Patrick,

Yes, but. Hard to think what to do after Ruby Ridge and Waco. Cut off their Old Milwaukee deliveries?

Donald McCaig

Meadow said...


The Cowliphate rises!

PBurns said...

It's 25 degrees there now. I'm thinking when it gets a little colder, have a fire tanker drop about 40 tons of water on the compound at night in order to turn it into an icicle. Then drop a load of finely powdered red dye on the whole place and drop adhesives over all the vehicles. Trust me, the joy of camping in that situation will wear off pretty quickly. America can wait out their misery forever. They will end up dazed, cold, and looking like red muppets.

Olde New England said...

I'm dissapointed by this take on the issue here. I thought, although you're a left-winger, you would investigate both sides of a story such as this.

For those of you not blinded by dogma or partisan politics you should read more about this dispute. Gain an understanding about the family that has ranched these acres. Learn a bit more about how the alleged arson was actually a backfire they set to preserve their family ranch. Learn about a ranching family that has been persecuted by the federal govenment for decades because they won't cede their family acres to the government.

In addition, bear in mind that the people who are occuoying this reserve have nothing to do with the family.

PBurns said...

Actually the entire story is at the links. Short version:

These are "welfare ranchers" who have time-limited permission to make a private profit off of public lands. "Welfare ranching" is a subsidy that costs taxpayers a LOT of money. (Google for how many billions).

This particular family of welfare ranchers (as detailed in the article at provided link) have shot at hunter on the reserve, set illegal fires on land they did not own MULTIPLE times, blocked the construction of fencing to keep their cattle out of riparian areas they did not own or have legal access to, and cost U.S. taxpayers over a million dollars to put out the fires they illegally set. All of this is WELL DOCUMENTED in the court and administrative record. Look it up. I have.

Because these welfare ranchers are guilty and know it, they are willing to serve their sentence. Good on themm Man up.

Aamon Bundy and crew are from a lunatic sect of Mormons who are not too far from ISIS in embracing a confrontational and apocalyptic end times view of the world. The Mormon Church has told them to go home and shut up and that NOTHING they are doing has ANYTHING to do with an honest reading of mormonism. In short, it's just like ISIS, which is why these all-white radical apocalyptic religion-infested hooligans have been called Vanilla-ISIS, a term which is more apt than most realize.

But go to the link and read the whole thing.

And liberal/ conservative has nothing to with it. This blog reported out on the SAME LAW being used to nail animal rights lunatics who burned down a ski development in the same state. See his picture and read the posts on that here >>

Also read this post and the links at bottom

So yes, we've got the story together and we link to the "deep dive" on it as well.

And NO, this is not about "politics". This is about terrorism and religious nut jobs. This is about American ISIS.

Kristen Merrell said...

Ignorance and fear breed the sinisters of fanaticism and hate.
-Peter Abelard

Noel said...

Title of story: "Has the GOP become the party of cowards?"

Note from Author: "This is not about politics".

jeffrey thurston said...

These morons don't really make very good symbols of what it means to be "right wing". They are welfare-cheating sucking on the government tit radical nutbags. They also are very left wing in the sense that squatters are left wing- they think that proximity means ownership. As a right-wing nutjob (as opposed to nutbag) I resent the brush they are tarring all of us right-wing nutjobs with :)

Melonhead said...

Good to see Americans coming to their senses and rejecting the notion of protesting against government abuses. These ratbags are as bad as Washington and his crew of cowardly scruffs. The decent thing to do it acknowledge that the American Revolution was illegal, immoral and just downright improper. America is British and your sovereign majesty is Queen Elizabeth II. Rid yourself of this silly notion of independence and having presidents, -nobody wants Trump or Clinton anyway. Admit that you were wrong, beg forgiveness, return to the the English law and renew your vows of obedience to her majesty, Elizabeth, Queen of the United States of America. Long live the Queen!

jeffrey thurston said...

Melony my lad- a bunch of welfare-cheating-government-tit-sucking-taxpayer-coffer-sucking MORMONS are not rebelling against government abuse- they want to use my dough to welch on their debts and get free land. They are scammers- pure and simple- and everyone can see it!