Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Does This Clown Taste Funny?

The dog world, the conservation world, and the political world are all in endless debate.  I have no doubt that if I collected stamps I would find controversy there as well.

We are social pack predators, and dominance and pecking order fights break out all over, and sometimes there is even a genuine difference of opinion between two well-informed individuals.

Over on Medium, Sean Blanda writes:

"When someone communicates that they are not 'on our side' our first reaction is to run away or dismiss them as stupid. To be sure, there are hateful, racist, people not worthy of the small amount of electricity it takes just one of your synapses to fire. I’m instead referencing those who actually believe in an opposing viewpoint of a complicated issue, and do so for genuine, considered reasons. Or at least, for reasons just as good as yours.... as deBoer says, 'You have to be willing to sacrifice your carefully curated social performance and be willing to work with people who are not like you.' In other words you have to recognize that the Other Side is made of actual people."

Or, as I have said in the past:

"You have to respect the cannibals if you ever hope to get them to change their diet."

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