Thursday, January 21, 2016

Coffee and Provocation

You Don't Know as Much as You Think
False expertise is as common as rainwater. Scientific American reports that new research suggests that people who think they are experts tend to fall into the trap of overclaiming.  As i have noted in the past, when it come to dogs no one talks nearly enough about the unknown unknowns.

Scotland Is in the Wind 
Wind power supplied 97% of electricity needs of Scottish households in 2015.

Bird Flu, Round II
A new strain of avian flu -- H7N8 -- has been found on a turkey farm in Indiana. The last epidemic cost the lives of 48 million farm birds.

Paperclips and Cookie Cutters
Did you know they sell paper clips shaped like dogs and other animals?  How about a cookie cutter shaped like a Jack Russell?

The Rare Boney-Eared Assfish
Yes, it's a thing.

Michael Pollan on Netflix?
Yes. Michael Pollan has his own Netflix series which debuts Feburary 19. The author of Botany of Desire and Omnivore's Dilemma and the best best simple diet advice ever ("Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.") will be the subject of a four-part Netflix series called Cooked.

Anderson Cooper is a Mensch
Three days after a Norfolk, Virginia police dog was shot and killed in a domestic dispute hostage situation, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper donated his fee from an upcoming lecture in that same city to buy 18 ballistic vests for police department's dogs.

Finding Kipling's Lost Son
Rudyard Kipling, who wrote the phrase 'known unto God' to describe all unknown soldiers, lost his son in World War I.  His son was literally lost -- killed, and the body never recovered or identified. Then something happened in 1992. Full story at Shelter from the Storm.

Tiny House Alternative 
For your place in the mountains -- a double-walled tent with stove and bunks.

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Rick said...

I like the off grid tent. A lot nicer than the army wall tent I had in the California Mother Lode 40 years ago. My little box stove kept things almost cozy.