Friday, January 08, 2016

Any Chance the Hysteria is Just a Sales Pitch?


Karen Carroll said...

I should have bought Ruger stock in 2008. It has gone up over 1000%

Rick said...

Somehow I doubt that there are any CEOs of gun or ammo companies that are politically liberal. I believe this is a case of conservatives taking advantage of the fears of conservatives. Just like in politics.

Noel said...

At work those CEO's aren't liberal or conservative - they're businessmen. If you want to see where the hysteria comes from just look at how it's planted, watered, and fertilized by all of us picking sides and saying broad exaggerations on the web. News media figured out early that gun control [for/against matters not] is a great topic to garner comments and push an article to the Buzzfeed level. The idea that it's a grand conspiracy is ridiculous. The NRA has huge membership, those members and many others buy huge numbers of guns and ammunition; that cash fuels the NRA. It's not money from "nowhere", or the Koch brothers - it's from American citizens spending their paycheck. In the same space and time others squeal about "reasonable gun control" in the same breath they point to how well outright bans work so well elsewhere as a "model". Then belittle the people that think "they're going to take my guns". Well...what SHOULD they think? You just said that Australia did it [or wherever] and it worked like a charm? It's not tinfoil hat paranoia, it's simple listening.

So yeah, nothings' going to change. This whole problem could be solved by a really good King or Queen who exercised good judgement and the wisdom of Solomon. And never died.

I think I'll stick with the current messy, argumentative, and American way.