Monday, February 11, 2019

Donald Trump and the Westminster Dogs

The face of racism, xenophobia, and inbreeding?

Donald Trump?

Well yes, of course.

But the dog too. 

It's not an accident that the American Kennel Club trots Westminster Dog Show winners out to get their picture taken with Donald Trump, whom the AKC describes as "a great supporter of Westminster Kennel Club’s Dog Show".
The AKC has been trotting Westminster winners over to Donald for a number of years now, and for a very good reason: the AKC is all about the preening pretensions of the wannbe nouveau-riche.

The AKC knows what it is doing.  The folks at the AKC are working hard to woo over the not-too-sophisticated small town gullibles who might swoon at any association with Celebrity Apprentice or Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

There's more here, of course.  

Donald Trump and the AKC are the kind of people who can only feel "special" if others are kept out.  

And so, on all sides, there is a push to keep out foreign blood -- or at least "the wrong kind" of foreign blood. Donald Trump was fine with using unfree foreign labor to build the Trump Tower, provided those people were white and Christian. And the AKC is fine with foreign dogs provided they come "with papers" showing they are "of the right sort."

No, it's not about health or brains. Never about that! This is about PEDIGREE, not performance!

Would it surprise you to learn that both Donald Trump and the AKC share racist roots?  It's true.

Donald Trump's father suited up to fight shoulder-to-shoulder with the KKK, while his son has such a well-documented track record of discrimination against blacks that in the 1970s he was forced to enter into a non-discrimination and remediation settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice.

And how about the Kennel Club?

As I have noted in a previous post
, entitled From Bassets to Auschwitz in 50 Years, the roots of the AKC are deeply entwined with that of the eugenics movement.

AKC-hero Leon F, Whitney proposed sterilizing 10 million "unfit" Americans in the 1930s, even as he corresponded with Adolph Hitler.

Is it a complete accident that 'breed purists" in the dog world think all "mongrels" should be sterilized, that coat color is important, and that "
gas chambers" are a perfect "final solution" for all the dogs at the pound?
So is it really an accident that the Westminster Dog Show managed to find common ground with reactionary racist Donald Trump?  I don't think so.  Both see the world through the same set of lenses. It's all about puffery and pretension, exclusion and exclusivity, coat color and blue blood, sterilization and gas chambers.

And what about inbreeding? Would Donald Trump balk at mating his own daughter? In fact, rather creepily, he cannot stop talking about it.  



Seahorse said...

The Ivanka comments always make me wretch. Then, I want to kick him in the 'nads.

Rick said...

The dog has better hair than he has.