Friday, December 04, 2015

More Dogs Than Ever, and the AKC is Going Extinct

This whining, fear-mongering, blame-shifting AKC ad is COMPLETE NONSENSE, of course. No doubt it was hatched out by the folks at Edelman, the go-to advertising company for poisoners, liars, foreign dictators, and tax cheats. That's the company the AKC keeps these days, as their registration numbers spiral into the ground, and the red ink starts to flow thick.

Here are the facts:

  • There are more dogs in the US today than at any time in history.
  • There are more dogs per capita in America today than in any time in history.
  • The U.S. leads the world in the number of dogs per capita. 

What there ISN'T more of are AKC registered dogs, because the AKC is not about dogs, but about ribbons awarded to people with massive egos, small lives, and not enough skill or talent to bridge the gap.

AKC purebred dogs are more likely to be diseased, deformed, and dysfunctional than non-AKC dogs. That's a fact, as determined by veterinary insurance data.  And guess why? It's not hard to understand. The AKC counts ZERO points for health, work, or temperament. Entire breeds are bred and selected for deformity and dysfunction, and the registry requires dogs be inbred within a closed gene pool.

Who wants a deformed, diseased, and defective dog? No one!

Who wants that expense and heart ache? No one!

The result is that AKC registrations have plummeted over 75 percent, even as the number of dogs in America has INCREASED.

So, the good news is that America is not stupidly buying a high-priced defective product pumped out by pretenders and peddlers who support 19th century eugenics theories.

Let us CELEBRATE that

The AKC has made its bed
with pet shops and puppy mills, and America has said NO. Let us celebrate that.

Let us celebrate the impeding death of the AKC
, which would rather die than adapt.  That's an outcome that is Darwin-approved

But the dogs?
 You ask about the dogs?  Excellent!  They are doing FINE!!


Jeff morello said...

I'm surprised akc levels were so low prior to ww2. Was it just increasing population and wealth that saw membership rise so much in the 60's to the early 90's?

PBurns said...

The rise of a "leisure class" and conspicuous consumption took off after WWII.

With increased urbanization and suburbanization, and improved transport, all kinds of pretenders showed up to win ribbons, sell dogs, and claim an intrepid lifestyle. Lifestyle magazines fed into it.

See Thorstein Veblen's book entitled "The Theory of the Leisure Class" detailed here >>

Lara Elizabeth said...

Thanks so much for sharing this. Do you know how widespread this ad was distributed, how and where?

PBurns said...

Not historical. It's on their web site now. See >>

Unknown said...

I think America is stupidly buying high priced "designer dogs" aka mutts instead--Yorkie-poos and Mal-chis and schnoodles and doodles, also from sad sad puppy mills, and paying way more than it would cost to buy a purebred from a responsible breeder. Not defending the AKC here, but don't want to give credit where credit is not due.

PBurns said...

What's a "designer dog" and how does it differ from the AKC labeled brand? What is a "mutt"? You mean a dog that is not inbred within a closed gene pool so that someone can slap a label on it? Your words are actually not supporting your thoughts -- and that is especially true in the Puppy Mill department. Surely you know the AKC has an entire program to encourage puppy mills and pet shop sales?