Thursday, December 17, 2015

Google is the Opposite of Trump

This is Google's "Year In Search, 2015".  
Don't be Trump.  Be Google.


Olde New England said...

This was rather interesting and I was wondering who the guy was who was narrating it. Then the final seconds disclosed that publicity whore as the announcer. Yuck - almost made me lose my breakfast!

PBurns said...

No question he's a publicity whore. And yet....

I have no idea he has struggled his who life with gender identity issues. That's a real thing, and that's baked into him as a crust is to pie. It's been massive emotional pain and psychological burden to him, and it took massive courage to face it and deal with it. Respect for that.

Also, the words he says here are very good and are very well delivered. Respect for that too.

Finally, as a happily married flaming hetero, I DO have to admit he makes a passable woman and has some style.

Where it falls apart for me is where it falls apart for you; he married into the fame whore parade that is the Kardashians. Ugh! And HOW can vote Republican and ally himself with the Party of Fear and Hate?

So, still confused. But I take people as they are, and there's no doubt quite a lot to respect, even if there is still some defect and confusion.