Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Coffee and Provocation

A Scholarship for Terrier Lovers?

Hiram College offers a $1,000 scholarship to terrier lovers. No, this is not a joke; absolutely true! (Thanks Gina!)

The U.S. Is Number One in Dog Ownership
From an article in The Atlantic about global dog ownership comes this note:  "[T]he US remains the paragon of dog love, with the world's biggest pet pooch population in both absolute and per capita terms (one dog for every four Americans). But elsewhere, dogs are on the rise, and the rapid changes in the extent and nature of ownership reflect new economic realities."

Carrie Fischer and Her Dog are the Funniest Interview Ever
This lady is a ball and a hoot.

64-Year Old Albatross is Going to be a Mom... Again

This bird is a baby production machine who has also flown an estimated 6 million miles.

To Sleep... Perchance to Dream
A 2015 study of edible dormice found that some animals hibernated underground for up to 11.4 months, the longest hibernation period ever observed in the wild.  They stayed underground in low seed and nut years, opting to avoid predators and to conserve resources by not having kids.

Don't Believe the Hype
Americans are safer than they have been in decades.  Murders in the US are at a historic low.

China is Making Lots of Forest
China's forest cover has grown from 8.6 per cent in 1949 to more than 20 per cent today.

The Losers and Liars at LACS
A case against fox hunters in Devon, brought by the League Against Cruel Sports, has collapsed due to lies told to the court by their expert witness, Professor Stephen Harris. Another 100,000 pounds down the drain. Countryside Alliance chief executive Tim Bonner said: "This appalling case raises a series of fundamental questions about the abuse of the criminal justice system by vindictive private prosecutors."

Leave No Soldier Behind
Under a new law, every U.S. military dog will be brought home.

Deaths from Law Enforcement Rose 45%
Between 1999 and 2013 police killings increased 45% despite a 29.4% drop in violent crime over the same period.

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