Thursday, November 12, 2015

Vasectomies for Wildlife

I don't suppose
there is anyone else in the world of working terriers who has written a 23-point Field Guide to Birth Control?

No, probably not... 

November 13th
is world vasectomy day.

I got my vasectomy over 30 years ago, just before I started the process of adopting my daughter from Korea. My Korean-born son came along a few years later. Both of my kids are gorgeous (I had nothing to do with that, so it's not bragging!) who are hard-working, tax-paying, and socially conscious people. You should be so lucky!

I had a vasectomy because I am the most radical kind of environmentalist; the kind who believes in direct action at the root of the problem.  It is an inconvenient truth that Mother Nature is not committing suicide, but that we are killing it.  We are not killing nature  because we are bad people bent on doing evil. There are simply too many of us, and we are like locusts on the land.

There is no level of reduction in consumption, energy conservation, reuse, or recycle that will prevent half as much environmental destruction as simply having no children.  Adopt instead.

Surely you have looked into the mirror by now and realized that you have nothing that is particularly unique or important to offer the world?  Surely you are not so vain as to think otherwise?

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Shannon Gentry said...

Wow, Patrick, this is a powerful post. Thank you. (I've not made any people either!)