Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Coffee and Provocation

Located in Seoul near the Eungam Station and Seobu Police Station 

The Problem with England is the White People
All ethnic minority groups in England are now, on average, more likely to go to university than their White British peers.

Rude Place Name Map of the UK

Check it out here, and you can order yours here.

Mike Rowe explores New York city ratting.

Sheepdogs to Protect Penguins From Foxes
Foxes killed 180 penguins on an Australian island in October 2004. By 2005, the island’s penguin population, which had once numbered 800, was below 10. Today, their numbers are back up in the triple digits thanks to a local chicken farmer's sheepdogs.

There is a Falcon Feather on the Moon
Yes, there is. Anyone missing a bird?

Europe's Bubonic Plague Was a Mutant
It used to be nice so bad.

Optometrists, Veterinarians and Crap Billing
"Many optometrists are locked into the failing business model and are riding a death spiral. They are afraid to raise their rates to match the true economic costs of providing them. They are loath to renegotiate their leases to dump the showroom floor. They are stuck... Other examples include Veterinarians. They discount their services and expect to make it back selling worming products and specialty pet food. Again, any person who is willing to read the back of the product can order products with the same active ingredients much more cheaply from Amazon or" Read the rest.  Thanks Lucas M.!

Frozen Cave Lions Found
10,000-year-old lion cubs have been found frozen in the Sakha-Yakutia region of Siberia. These are ice age animals in very good condition.

The US May Lift Its Ban on Haggis
The 1971 federal ban on the importation of hagis may be dropped, but only if haggis manufacturers remove one essential ingredient from the dish: sheep lungs.

Stupidest Idea Ever
A caffeine-free coffee shop.

This store opened in NYC, but did not survive the Bush economy.

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