Thursday, October 29, 2015

Reality 101

I would love to teach a class called REALITY 101. It would teach high school kids how to sew on a button, change a tire, buy a car, train a dog, wash clothes, cook an egg, split wood, hang a picture, save and invest for retirement, get a job, make 10 decent cheap meals, write a thank you letter, give a short speech, handle a traffic stop, ask a girl on a date, do laundry, figure out the tip, go to the vet, shop for groceries, top off an engine with oil, repair a lawn mower, tell a joke, inflate car tires, start a conversation, ask for help, polish shoes, take a decent snapshot, and snake a drain.


Robin said...

This would be a GREAT class and one that is definitely needed! I was saying just that thing to a friend just a week or so ago. You need to add, "Balance a checkbook!"

Karen Carroll said...

And how to tie knots, use a shovel, post hole digger, a hammer, drill, screwdriver, wrench, basic use of a sewing machine. In the 70's we females took Home Economics, males took shop. Which both classes taught many of these skills. Then there was a 'switch' where girls would take shop and boys took Home Economics. There also was a class called 'Business Math' (household budgets, calculating your taxes, balancing a checkbook, savings accounts, etc. .which I did very well. Although I did poorly in algebra class.