Monday, October 12, 2015

Digging on the Dogs

A perfect day in terms of temperature and weather. Nate and I had fun, and the pups did well.  This possum was released unharmed and no worse for the wear.  We spent the last few hours of the day at a winery and farm near another place that I hunt, and I had a wonderful pork sausage and there was good conversations all around.


Henry Chappell said...

Patrick, please tell us a little about those burrs in your hand. Thanks - Henry Chappell

PBurns said...

Most people would say those are Chinese chestnuts, but I have some local knowledge and I am not so quick. There's a pretty good chance these are from hybrid American chestnuts planted in this neck of the woods on Pittman-Robertson land near Urbana, Maryland. The biggest enemy of young chestnut trees, other than fungus and deer, is groundhogs. An article on the American Chestnut research in Maryland is here >>

Henry Chappell said...

Thanks, Patrick! I always enjoy your hunting/nature posts. I'm looking forward to checking out the link. I grew up with two chestnut trees at one end of the backyard, in central Kentucky. Dad called them "Asian chestnut trees." They served as a goal line for our backyard football games. You didn't want to get tackled in the end zone come October. The burrs in your hand look a little different - smaller, for sure - than those I remember.