Friday, October 30, 2015

Coffee and Provocation

Since You Were Born
This is how the world has changed since you were born.
World population has increased over 4.3 billion since I was born.

Is It Going to be a Bitterly Cold Winter?
That's the report from the folks who are paying attention to acorns and persimmons in this area.

He Had Wooden Balls and a Big Swinging Mallet
Billy the Kid played croquet.

The Best Option is to Hit the Deer?
When you encounter a deer on the road, the safest thing to do is hit it.  Seriously?

Killing Ourselves in the Name of God
The Easter Island version of that story.

Coffee Does the Body Good?

Loud Howls?
The louder the noise, the smaller the balls. That not opinion -- that's sound science.

Call Ten Grave Diggers!
In the 16th Century, a pope buried his pet elephant under the Vatican.  As one does.

Coffee is A Hell of a Lot Cheaper Than War
It seems that 34-year old Dick Cheney had a question about coffee consumption in Donald Rumsfeld's office: “Can you please tell me what’s going on?” a 34-year-old Dick wrote to Staff Secretary Jim Connor. It seems Rumsfeld’s nine-person staff, and guests, had consumed 200 pots of coffee that month — about 50 pots a week. That hardly seems excessive to me.

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