Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Wood Pigeon

A Wood Pigeon -- a very common bird in Europe which we do not have here in the U.S, for some reason. The Rock Dove thrives in the U.S. Surely the Wood Pigeon would as well?  I saw a lot of these giant pigeons in the hedgerows of Italy. This picture, however, was taken in the Tuileries Garden in Paris.


Ian Logan said...

America is missing out, The "cooing" of a woodpigeon is all part of a warm summers day. Summer wouldn't be the same without Woodie!

Mary Pang said...

I see many of these in the garden. Notable for their large size and being much tidier and less diseased than town pigeons.

Hondochica z said...

When I was an undergraduate Wildlife Biologist (many years ago) one of my senior papers addressed whether the wood pigeon should be introduced in Oregon as a game bird. Really Really BAD idea! As I recall - the wood pigeon could significantly compete with band tailed pigeons (I think - been a very long time), as well as would/could become a significant agricultural PEST! Plant/animal introductions are rarely a good idea.