Friday, September 18, 2015

Support Positive Dog Training or I'll Beat You!

This is the message of so many
in the cult of pure click-and-treat dog training.

Ironic, eh? 

How come these dog trainers do not know a better way to train people?

And why all this division anyway? 

After all, the debate is not whether well-timed rewards work, but whether they are the only thing that works on all things, all the time.

And the answer there, of course, is NO. Well-timed aversives also have their place, which is why most dog trainers remain balanced trainers.

But, to bring it back to the irony, how funny is it that the clicker cultists (a sub-set of the clicker community, it should be said) think whining, barking, lunging, and chain-jerking is the best way to make their point with people?


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jeff hays said...

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I would gladly pay $40 for a combo of the woman and the shirt as a package, but I am afraid I would be in the DOGHOUSE , Ha Ha.