Monday, September 14, 2015

Food and Water Bowls Inside Flower Urns

I saw this while cruising through Internet, and it struck me as good idea -- slipping stainless steel water and food bowls inside raised flower urns. A bit more attractive, and it might also keep the water and food bowls in place, cleaner, and out of the reach of wildlife.


firespinguy said...

I remember reading elevated food bowls as one of the causes of bloat (There are environment and genetic causes for bloat). So I am not sure this is a good idea for the dog's health.

Amy Nexus said...

The source studies for that myth (elevated bowls cause bloat) and the Purdue study in particular have been found to be wildly inaccurate due to a lack of control groups, there were also relatively few studies done to begin with. Correlation does not equal causation. In other words, they were following studies of giant breeds and culling old statistical data, Great Danes being one of the primary ones, who are prone to bloat anyway, with no control groups. Many handlers/breeders/owners of giant breeds have been using elevated bowls for decades with no issues. Tufts, one of the finest vet schools in the US, has debunked that study. Here's a synopsis of the 'studies' inaccuracies and the fear mongering that ensued from inaccuracies:
Those of us who raise large to giant breed dogs have been following this controversy for a long time. It's amazing how myths produces from one bad study never seem to die. See the autism study that said vaccines are the cause that was debunked so thoroughly and it's author discredited, yet folks just won't let it die.