Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Donald Trump and His Toupee

This mutant is a Westminster winner -- a dog so deformed and defective it had to be placed on an ice-pack so it did not pass out while sitting!

The folks at Westminster want the world to know that Donald Trump is a "great supporter of Westminster Kennel Club’s Dog Show."

Of course he is.  Deformed, defective, diseased, fakery, and pretension.  How very Donald!


Michael said...

This should be on Fbook ...

Ian Logan said...

I worry about America when I see stuff like this. A country that's capable of electing people like Reagan and Bush is capable of electing a loon like Trump. We have had a foretaste of Donald here in Scotland. He thought that because he built a golf course that he could dictate the Scottish government's energy policy.

Having said that it is possible or indeed likely that the next Prime Minister of the UK could be Boris Johnson. Trump/Johnson now there's a "dream team"!

PBurns said...

Trump/ Palin is the ticket.

"You're fired!"

"I quit!"

It (the nuclear explosion) will be Yooge!