Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Message from the Other End of the Leash

About 77% of dog bites come from the family pet or a friend's dog.  

Most serious dog bites are to children.

The "Stop the 77" campaign is designed to get parents and kids see life through a dog's life and to get kids and adults to "speak dog" a little better, and to speak OUT a little more often.

As I said at the IACP conference over the weekend:
About two million dogs a year are euthanized in shelters – 65 million pounds of dead dogs a year.

Most of these dogs are healthy young adults that were acquired in haste by young people with unstable lives. Too often these dogs have had little or no training.

To put it another way, more healthy dogs are killed for LACK of training every year than are actually trained by all the professional dog trainers in this nation.

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Anonymous said...

My cat boxed a kid in the face the other day. (Claws were technically in, but there was still some scratching.)

It was a brief, scary moment that Mom chalked up to a good lesson for child, but which made me think of just how much worse it could have been (from claws out, to biting, to biting and also being a dog, etc.).