Wednesday, August 05, 2015

The Business of Dog Work as Entertainment

If you're in the touring animal display and entertainment business of showing folks how things work, being portable and able to work it in small venues is always a big asset, and so Welsh farmer Meirion Owen has embraced Indian runner ducks, rather than sheep, as his demo herding flock.

If he would add a little "pageantry hawking" with a Harris or Red-tail Hawk plucking off one of the ducks, I think he could have quite an act for the tourists!


Karen Carroll said...

I've seen Becky Peterson work her border collies for years in New England Fairs.

PipedreamFarm said...

Ducks can be very entertaining for the general public, requires less room than sheep for demonstrations, but one will run into avian flu induced regulations and restrictions these days. This year fowl exhibiting has been banned in many states.