Friday, August 07, 2015

Digging on the Dogs

Misto and Moxie at the base of a Weeping Willow Tree.
Doug P. does not a little careful barring with Moxie underground.
Gordon, a genuine Kill Devil Terrier. Very rare breed.
Moxie, a 9-pound working terrier.


jeffrey thurston said...

My dog Baxter killed a rat on our fantasy hunting walk yesterday. The two little dogs take the job seriously and if you count a tunnel of ivy for a hole they were kind of doing "work". He dived into ivy at the base of a concrete wall and disappeared- about 5 seconds later I heard a squeal and he came out with a big rat in his jaws. No shaking- he crushed it to death. There are also 2 dead tree trunk holes about 5 or six feet deep down (don't know how far they go) which I'm scared to let them explore because I'm afraid there might be a skink living in them. Thanks for your photos of the real deal-

Doug said...

As always, a good day in the field. Too short this time. The new dogs certainly are coming along.'
Thanks Patrick