Thursday, August 13, 2015

Coyotes Are Great for Birds


Lucas Machias said...

Looks like a dog under the link.

Karen Carroll said...

I did not get the name of this person. But this the most brilliant response I've heard to the pro-TNR cat people:

Feral Rat Colonies

I am here to talk about you about the overabundance of rats in our communjty. They carry disease (such as bubonic plague) and trespass onto every ones properties and our previous method of control, (poison and kill) have done nothing to stop their increase. I’d like to propose the following. I would like to set up rat feeding stations in the backs of strip malls and restaurants (without their permission) and provide good for these rats. Then when the populations gets too lard and people start noticing, I’d like to solicit donations to capture a few of these rats, neuter them and return them to where they were trapped. IF a neighbor nearby traps one of my ear-tipped rate, I would like you to make him have to release it back to it’s home. We al lknow that if I just remove them, the vacuum effect will just mean more rats will be attracted to the feed I’ll continue to put out without the landowner’s permission. It doesn’t matter how many I neuter, because I personally believe that even if I neuter one, it will mean less rat babies in the future. I mean this is the ONLY HUMANE method to reduce a population. Trap and kill doesn’t work, and only monsters would would want to keep killing rats day in and ay out. IF I can’t find enough donations, I’ll be back in front of all of you to ask for fund to help me neuter more rats, but I’ll keep feeding them, because they are intelligent and cut and it would be cruel to let them stave. Thank you for your time.