Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Coffee and Provocation

The Animal That Lives on Coffee Alone
There's only one animal that lives on coffee beans alone, the coffee berry borer beetle, whose gut bacteria helps it neutralize and n detoxify caffeine.

Lt. Uhuru in Space?
Nichelle Nichols. Lt. Uhuru of Star Trek fame, is scheduled to fly on NASA's SOFIA space telescope in September. This heavily modified 747 flies at an elevation of 50,000 feet to observe strange new worlds.  Not quite space, but quite a bit closer to it than most of us will ever get.

Island Glory Restored
Six Polynesia islands are being restored to their pre-human state to save the Polynesian ground dove.

It's a Nation of Computer Sedation 

Americans are eating less calories but are fatter than ever.

Insect Architecture Older Than Jesus
Scientists have found an abandoned termite mound that is more than 2200 years old.

Reverse Aging?
A protein in blood can repair age-related damage in the brains and muscles of old mice, returning them to a more youthful state. Will it work in humans too?

Joni Mitchell Made Greenpeace Happen
Can I bring James Taylor?

Iditarod Training Just Got Serious
Dallas Seavey is running his dogs year-round on a 50-foot treadmill inside a refrigerated trailer.

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