Wednesday, August 05, 2015

At the Autopsy, No One Laughed

Apparently this is funny, and not an "accident" waiting to happen.


seeker said...

That kid needs a spanking, before he gets killed.

Mary Pang said...

I think I developed a permanent frown watching that.
Child is not much more than a baby, the responsible adult should be spanked!

Niomi Smith said...

I must admit, I closed my eyes the first time I watched it. The dog needs to go to a home where the handler actually understands what canine management entails and the baby should probably go to a family member who doesn't endanger their child's life by not managing the child adequately.

Kids this young are easily taught boundaries and respectful conduct around animals. There is no excuse for this.

I'm disgusted :(

Kate Marden said...

Poor dog. If he had drown blood while trying to defend his sleeping spot, they would have put him down. Those people deserve neither the dog nor the child.